London's Seaside

This was filmed in Southend and leigh-on-sea which is slightly along the coast. Southend is very much the most visited beach and most local seaside to London. It was most certainly my childhood local beach resort. From the calm of the sea and quaint fishing village of the Leigh with seafood restaurants & old pubs and fun fair, rollercoasters & Ice cream of Southend. Colour grading of low saturation and green hue pushing the cinematic historic vibe and very vibrant colour of the night. Slow-mo at 96Fps Full HD and 24Fps in Cine 4k.

*New Video* Hyper London

This video is focused on London, England and its most recognisable landmarks with a twist in typical video edit and style. Time-lapses and a few Hyper-lapses with a consistent 'zoom and change' of scene and location. London to me is home and has beautiful & highly recognisable world landmarks in architecture. I wanted to make an interesting yet cool video on central London that wasn't the 'typical', however i still wanted the most recognisable London landmarks Imagery. I filmed this over the course of 3 separate occasions. Locations included: Leister Square, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, North Greenwich, Embankment, London Bridge, Green Park #London #JamesMartini #Cinema

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