Summer Photoshoot - Model: Shannon

Had a Fantastic Photoshoot with the main theme of summer Glam. The model Shannon was very good and had a great variety of poses from a stern 'looking through the camera' face, to sparkling over shoulder smiles. She had a very glamorous summer look, unfortunately only had the one outfit so to separate the looks on each shot I worked with closer head shots which could allow this and mixing up the max 'bokehed' backgrounds. This was over a lake on a very intensely sunny day, so the best shots were achieved with a reflector directing the sunlight into the models face and using a 1.1 aperture and a Viarable ND Filter to allow quick change in light control and keeping the shutter reasonably slow a

Lake Photoshoot with Model - Aidan

3rd July 2017 - Photoshoot location was Fairlop, Essex. A very picturesque lake with forestry surrounding. This is an area I would occasionally use for filming as it is a great backdrop and great scenery for stock footage. Today the model is Aidan Bungey, 20 year old from central London. The photoshoot was to project different styles but with the same theme of summer breeze. I utilised my skills in post art work to gain different looks on each Image. Colours and airbrushing alone can massively impact the look to the image. I shot very shallow at 1.1 with a variable ND filter, some slight more open to aid focus on a larger area. I wanted to try a few looks for the client such as high summer f

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