GH4 Filmmaker & Photographer MOVING ON! The GH5 & GH5s

GH4 Filmmaker & Photographer James Martini has made the move to the GH5. The GH5 was chosen over the GH5s because of overall usability and practicality of having a shifting sensor which the GH5s and GH4 do not have, which is an important factor due the set up mostly used is the Metabones XL & Sigma Art 18-35mm which are also not stabilised. Unless in 96fps on the GH4 handheld was not an option (would need to be post-stabilised as there would be micro shakes). Also being a photographer too 10 MP from the GH5s doesn't give much to play with in post i.e no room to crop. Also if there is an intent to blow the image up for posters it wouldn't be ideal. With 20MP of the GH5 this is a good standard

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