IN THIS EPISODE: It's the gear prep then on the the airport to meet the crew for an early flight to set off to Alicante, Spain. We attempt to locate the first villa we will be filming and sleeping at. Our first shoot of the Music Video kicks off then on to a sunset beach dance and romantic scenes shoot. Behind the Scenes on the New Music Video 'Circling the Sun’ in Alicante, Spain. Presented & Vlogged by Filmmaker James Martini. As Cinematographer on this shoot Cinematography Tips will be cast along the way. On this Music Video Shoot we have Olivia the Singer, Travis the Actor/ Model, Millie the Make up Artist, James the Producer & Director, 3 Dancers & Bethany as the Flame Girl. This is a 3

Lens Focal Length Perspective

The Art & Science of Filmmaking | Focal Length Perspective Focal Lengths of the camera lens change the physical perspective of the image not just increasing the possible range, so it has different uses for filmmaking & Photography. In this video I will be showing how the image will change from a wide Angle to super telephoto using the same frame which is on actress Rea White in a beautiful field of Yellow Flowers in Hertfordshire, England. The main physical image changes will be in the background and slightly more subtle changes to Rea's face reshaping and shoulder broadness. The widest lens used was an 18mm which does not have so much distortion so won’t be as extreme as wider lenses on Rea

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