Music Video - 'Prelude to a Kiss'

The video was filmed in 4 different locations all situated near the Millennium Dome (now known as 02 Arena), London, Greenwich, England. The tranqual wooden walk way and pond area was my first location shoot which adds a nice calm and peaceful feeling to the video as well as 'stunning nature meets summer vibe'.


The second location was the exterior buildings which was all filmed in the Royal Navy College in Greenwich. This is a musical college which has beautiful 17th century architecture that presents a great structure to the setting of the video creating a classical sensibility.


The third location was the local park and forestry attached to the Royal Navy College, which has massive open garden and matured trees with amazing views of the colleges architecture set in front of London's most famous buildings such as the 02 Arena and barclays tower. This was the opening camera drone sequence to the music video.


 The forth Location was in fact the performance on the piano which was a different building entirely, which was in fact a theatre in Blackheath, London. The hall looks very grand and large in scale which presents a strong sense of professional performance giving a nice sweet awry feeling with the non present audience piano performance.

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