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ABOUT James Martini 

Director, Cinematographer and Founder of James Martini Cinematography


Making films was the first thing I realised I had a serious passion for. At 8 years old, 1994 I made my first film. I gathered & directed all of my local friends, totalling around 20 kids to play extras and some leading roles, to a script and story board I produced. Editing was difficult and technology was limited back then (as well as finances). I tailor wired up 2 VHS recorders and 2 TVs one that had an input which could be manipulated to receive a wired mic to do live foley (sound effects) and music, along with the playback of recorded footage and the other to record all this and to allow the edit cuts.

The VHS sony prosumer 1987 camera wasn't of high video quailty, but retrospectively the films its self did have recognisabily artistic camera angles, techniques and direction imagination to a standard of many of the stylistic & fashionable commercial films. 

I hosted the Premiere to the film in a local beavers hall to which all was welcome to see. Posters where created for the local area, advertising this to build an audience. A good turn out and amazing response to the film has stayed with me since even some 22 years later.

This was the start of a passion and played a part in developing a solid interest,  this raw ability would later be nurtured and educated to a professional career and Filmmaking Company.

James Martini

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Key Features:

The key features of James Martini cinematogrpahy that most cetainly would appeal to a client whether an artist or production company is that not only will their film/ video shine with the aid of a very creative artistic direction, story boarding and editing, but there is a highly professional full film making experience & service:

  • Set direction & own Pro Set-up

  • Story boarding

  • Professional editing

  • Award winning colour grading

  • High level special effects & green screening

  • Professional lighting

  • Pro Sound

  • Cinema high end full 4k camera equipment and lenses

  • Work quickly reducing costs

  • Very creative with limited locations & time

this is all a package of James Martini Cinematography

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