Film Characters for Hire!

300: King Leonidas

King Leonidas 1
King Leonidas shot 6
King leonidas image 1

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Sean Connery: James Bond

Sean Connery as James Bond Image 1
james Bond Torture Scene image 7
James Bond Pic 15
James Bond Pic 11
Sean in Chamber dark 1
James Bond Image 2
James Bond Flight to Scotland image 8
James Bond Torture Scene image 2
James Bond Image 4
James Bond Image 3

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Rambo: John J Rambo

Rambo Machine gun image 1
Rambo Image 2
Rambo Image 3
Rambo far machine gun 2
Rambo bright background gun 2
Rambo in water smoke Image 1

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Phonebooth: Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell Icon 4
Colin Farrell Image 1

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Pirates of the Carribean: Jack SParrow

Jack Image 4
Jack Image 1
Jack Image 3
Jack Image 2
Jack Sparrow Impersonator

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