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Ultimate Camera Set-Up |GH5 + Metabones + Sigma Art 18-35mm

The Combination of The GH5, Metabones Xl, Sigma Art - 18 - 35mm make s a super 35 equivalent with the option of 10 bit 4:2:2 at 400Mbps which is super cinematic quality and industry respected standard used in high end movies. The lens is super sharp has a great low light capability, the metabone helps give even more light to the sensor in the camera and creates a wider field of view and creating a super 35mm with the combination of the Aspc lens. This essentially means it is a sensor size and quality to that of high end cinema cameras.

It creates a very shallow depth of field (blurry background while subject is in sharp focus). Great In low light, high resolution, amazing colours.


This is the ultimate combination that is also if stripped down still portable (if no cage, mic, light, extra battery pack etc). 


Have a look at this piece of equipment used in action in the behind the scenes of film/video production with James Martini Films.


Used in music videos to documentaries. 

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