Vic Strike & Porthleven

This is a my first independent Mini Documentary I Directed, Filmed and Edited. 


The Setting to this documentary is in a small fishing village called Porthleven which is in Cornwall, the South west of England. It is a very picturesque place where houses sit on the edge of cliffs and face an old harbour with a bold church clock tower at the forefront. 


The Story follows a gentleman who is of 83 years of age of which 79 were spent in this small village. Vic strike talks about the changes he has seen over the years as well as his own experiences and triumphs in life. His wife Monica reads a poem which she wrote when she was a little girl, detailing the life around her in the village taking us back to a time before the harbour was even built.


This is a charming insight into a nice old mans life and his beautiful village called Porthleven.