The GH5 & GH5s - GH4 Filmmaker & Photographer MOVING ON!

GH4 Filmmaker & Photographer James Martini has made the move to the GH5. The GH5 was chosen over the GH5s because of overall usability and practicality of having a shifting sensor which the GH5s and GH4 do not have, which is an important factor due the set up mostly used is the Metabones XL & Sigma Art 18-35mm which are also not stabilised. Unless in 96fps on the GH4 handheld was not an option (would need to be post-stabilised as there would be micro shakes). Also being a photographer too 10 MP from the GH5s doesn't give much to play with in post i.e no room to crop. Also if there is an intent to blow the image up for posters it wouldn't be ideal. With 20MP of the GH5 this is a good standard for photography without compromising on sensor sensitivity to light for when filming video in low light situations.


The GH5 is the best all around hybrid camera out there in my opinion, its popularity would suggest the same, it is for all ranges of filmmaker and photographer if you wish to use it casually or in a professional standard the abilities of the camera are there to utilise.  With the set up talked about in this video (Metabones speed booster XL & th Sigma Art 18-35mm 1.8) you have effectively created a 1.1 aperture at a super 35 equivalent which is cinema standard.


This is a beast of a set up and will serve for a long time with its Cine 4k at 10 BIT 4:2:2 at 400 Mbs it won't be left behind any time soon.


My Favourite features of the GH5:


In body stabilisation


20 MP

1 Stop Brighter/ Cleaner at Higher ISO

Better Colour results when grading

10 Bit 4:2:2 at 400Mbs

Larger LCD

2 SD Card Slots

Limitless recording