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Film Character Impersonation- Video Montage- 300's King Leonidas. Book Now!

Morning one and all,

I have for as long as i can remember, not only loved film to watch and had a passion to recreate either via cinematography and making my own films, but also to act and put my self into my own productions.

I have taken this to the impersonations level too where I would be booked through external agencies for 'meet and greets', speeches, film & Tv work etc. When the gigs come in they can be well paid but was always quite irregular. The main reason for irregularity was my advertised focus on one specific Actor/ Film character who I most resemble naturally which is the Irish Hollywood actor Colin Farrell. So his popularity would affect the bookings. Although, i can transform into many other characters/ people with little to no effort and have amazing responses when becoming them.

So widening my spectrum is most certainly not just increasing the chances of this kind of work but also something I have great ability in and no reason not to pursue or advertise.

I have a vast acting experience, many wouldn't recognise me in different parts I have played over the years because of in some roles I would wear prosthetics and/or wigs, also transform my whole manner and voice to something completely different. This is something that I find so much more fun and exciting to do. I have 20 years Independent film and Tv acting experience which has enabled me to work with all different styles of actors and directors, giving me even greater insight to others methodologies for my own insight.

In my spare time I have been working on a personal film project, which is 2 years in the making now. It involves all of my passion and experience of film making and acting.

The key to this film project, that i believe has never been done on this scale, is that everything thing not just me acting in all roles as all characters but I also wrote, filmed, edited, done the make up, made the costumes and the music myself. This is a huge task and does take a lot of my time but is something that would be an ultimate achievement for me and over coming the restrictive barriers doing it all myself is what I love and will make me ever better and stronger in them fields. The main strength it creates is when just being director on a normal movie production you will have more understanding and more successful creative control.

This video Montage is of the character King Leonidas played by Gerald Butler in the Film 300. I done all aspects in the making of this footage and is for purposes of displaying my film making ability as well as a showcase to my performance as King Leonidas.

King Leonidas Impersonator James Martini is available for bookings for Film, Tv and Events.

Why not get in touch, check out the King Leonidas Video Montage! Many more characters to come to the website including Sean Connery as James Bond, Colin Farrell, Jack Sparrow & Rambo!

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