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Summer Photoshoot - Model: Shannon

Had a Fantastic Photoshoot with the main theme of summer Glam. The model Shannon was very good and had a great variety of poses from a stern 'looking through the camera' face, to sparkling over shoulder smiles. She had a very glamorous summer look, unfortunately only had the one outfit so to separate the looks on each shot I worked with closer head shots which could allow this and mixing up the max 'bokehed' backgrounds.

This was over a lake on a very intensely sunny day, so the best shots were achieved with a reflector directing the sunlight into the models face and using a 1.1 aperture and a Viarable ND Filter to allow quick change in light control and keeping the shutter reasonably slow at 1/150 instead of needing a 4000 fast shutter sharpening everything making things look slightly harsh.

I worked with Lightroom on individual parts of the images to allow colour separation and manipulation in colour by depth, tone, brightness etc. Using Photoshop the skin was made flawless not by a usual blur & blend technique which can make the face look fake or odd but I utilised a cloning tool to very tight pixel area to maintain the same shades on the skin.I would also isolate regions such as the eyes & lips and add extra sharpness and increase the light.

I used a variety of lens to give different looks i.e. I would stand back 20 feet and soon in 600mm (telezoom lens) at F/3.5 which creates realistic portions of the facial features and great bokeh (blur) to the background. I also use the opposite apporach with a wide angle lens at 35mm and very close to the model with a F/1.1 aperture. This creates very different looks and interesting results. The 2 images below with green backgrounds were the same location and one with the telezoom lens and the other with the up close wide angle lens. Which do you prefer!?

Here are some of the finalised images from this photoshoot:

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