Winter Photoshoot: Actress - Rea

Winter is upon us and outdoor seasonal photography really shines in nature. Keeping to the theme of winter colour grading was worked with blues and purples to help highlight what was a very cold winters day while some sunset shots had a beautiful orange and pink sky setting.

Being an overcast day it helped with natural soft light in the day light images. The strong wind really created a cool dramatic look to some shots. A slow shutter speed at a 1/25th of second created a blurred motion affect to the hair really showing the movement. Also a nice high key photo with the blown out sky in the reduced saturation image creates a striking look.

The nighttime shots were taken at a 1.1 aperture 35mm & 18mm for the wide angles, 400mm 4.0 aperture for the vertical half body shot using an LED as a hair light which creates a very pleasing image.

A variant of colours were used to create very different looks in every image from this hour photoshoot from the natural pink & orange sky at sunset and colour grading the overcast sky with blues to highlight the bitter cold and also utilising this as a high key blown out image.

Post processing was kept to a natural point while blending some harsh shadows or discolouration on the face and illuminating the face and hair. Post sharpening was applied to some images while all images had sharpening to the eyes.

Rea was great to work with and took guidance well especially on what felt like -10c that day with the heavy ice cold winds.

Interested in booking your photoshoot? Visit or email for a quote.

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