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*New* Music Video - Circling The Sun

Circling the Sun - Music Video

Cinematography & Colour Grade By James Martini Films

Edited, Produced & Directed by James Joe Grant

Singer - Olivia Grace Piper.

Filmed in Sunny Spain, Alicante. We was fairly lucky with the weather as it was raining season. Filming took place over 4 days 29/09/18 - 2/10/18.

We had 3 dancers, A singer, male actor/model, fire Performer & 1 make up artist. All equipment I brought from London utilising it all to have a varied motion to suitable scenarios i.e. using a motorised gimbal during the beach dance routine to add a nice sense of cinematic scope. Some tripoded wide angels to show off the scenery i.e. at the villa number 2 up in the hills over looking the sea. Telephoto at 400mm where Olivia is out on the pier surrounded by ocean with the sun sparking refections off the water.

Some very nice drone shots showing the beautiful location. At one point the drone was sent out to the beach still in sight about a mile out to the coastline getting some super slick opening to the video. The last use of the drone was where Travis (male actor) is saying goodbye to Olivia at the villa gate going off in a taxi, the drone follows the taxi down the road then veers off over the villa showing the coastline which is a nice clean ending to the video.

James Joe Grant Brought all this together wanting a modern holiday romance story that looks dynamic and upbeat. He booked all cast including myself and did location scouting and did a great job organising it all.

My job was to capture his imagination/ envision and make it happen on screen. I filmed all in a flat profile to get/ reserve as much dynamic range as possible. It was all filmed in 4k including the slow mo at 60Fps some 180Fps was full HD. I used a varied selection of lenses from wide at 18mm to tele at 600mm.

James Joe grant's edit is nice and is desirable for his pace of the music video which he produced. I filmed the behind the scenes for the making and recording of the song in the metropolis recording studio (doc edited by James Joe grant).

All processes from the making of the song the music video I have documented. I have been filming behind the scenes of everything and will be editing and releasing a vlog on this late this or early next year.

Great video cast and crew.

James Martini Films

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