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In this Christmas Special I'm Filming in 360 in this Vlog of Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking. This Vlog is behind the scenes of the Music Video to the new teenage boyband 'Formula'. Think a young 'Damage'.

I will be making it 2D utilising the super scope of view of the 360 sitching as a crazy wide angle or regular 50mm view and post pan around 360 ability. I am Filming/ Directing & Editing the video.

The Producer and song writer is Billy. The location is London, Paddington. He has chosen a great area with loads of Christmas lights so the low light issues will decrease and bring a lot to the imagery.

I chose the best way to utilise the very limited time to shoot as we had a max of 2 and half hours. It came together nicely and the group became more confident over more takes. I will post a link to the finished music video edit here so you can see it.

The 360 filming is so much easier than another other form and the sound really isn't that bad for how noisy the areas where.

I did quite a bit of noise reduction and stabilisation to the footage as well having to switch in the iPhone app but it does slightly reduce the Quilty by doing so but is much faster than using the computer sofware to switch. all editing was done in the latest Final Cut Pro x 10.4.4.



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