The long awaited Filmmaking Showreel 2018 is here!

My last showreel I released early in October 2017, this year its been particularly hard pickings for the edit with so many more great projects I have worked on. From Music Videos to Documentaries & Film.

I have worked with many driven producers & writers with great artists & casts with supreme ambition mostly with limited locations and budgets, however with well crafted Cinematography, Direction & Editing none of the projects were set to result in anything but a high budget, large crewed, artistic end product.

This showreel 2018 is just a flavour to just some of my work over the last year directing, filming & editing for clients.

One thing James Martini Films offers over many other filmmaking/production companies is all Visual, Sound & Direction elements can be covered by one man and to a standard many large productions can’t produce to which is beneficial on many levels on a production.

However this year 2019 James Martini Films is set to expand company horizons to even larger platforms and scope so in order to be able to take on many more & larger projects with even bigger ambition.

2019 is set not just to an epic one like last year but to make a glorified impact into the world of cinema and make its mark into the history of film.

James Martini Films






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