*New Music Video* | Boarding Pass

Filmed & Directed By James Martini

This was filmed in Bournemouth, England on a very over cast and slightly foggy day, so this certainly gave a different look over the typical beach music video. Colour Grading worked with this rather than making it into something it wasn't with blue Skys and it looks well for it. I used a light rise in blue on the highlights and kept the dynamic range of the imagery rather than a heavy contrasted black and almost peaking highlights. So has a very pastel smooth feel to it and softens the skin with the filter through the clouds creating a nice creamy soft light cast. As the edit progresses the colours become more bold and vibrant from an almost flat dynamic start on the beach to bold red flowers and silk.

There were several locations all filmed in Bournemouth on the same day. Start point was the beach, the second location was a find for a requested jungle look which was just down the coast in a walk way area which has a small plantation, the framing I chose was to actively prevent giving away the fact that a pathway was only a few feet away of course. It worked and looked very jungle like with the right trees in the back drop.

2 hotels were used, one for the gym & Jacuzzi scene which was all filmed in under 10 mins due to restrictions of the day and then the last hotel we shot the red flowers imagery and 4 post bed which was a very old victorian hotel. The locations were all selected by the producer with my best use of them, they all had a totally different look and vibe from one scene to the next, The Victorian hotel I used red lighting to modernise the scenes. Before the edit sync or structuring the client picked shots which were favourable to them before I worked on the edit structure and story so this is was about 3 hours to 20 min worth of footage.

I did work with a theme in terms of story on the day trying to utilise the locations and male dancer/ actor, i.e. woman on beach singing, man from jungle piers out on to her and does a ritual dance as a sign on interest as no story had been discussed. Then as the next location was a jungle this could be were he takes her to show his home/ land, then as the next production order of the day is to film at the gym and jacuzzi with the male actor this could have been her taking him to her modern day/ developed city life. But the production in edit didn't favour a story however some of this is still apparent in the video.

The victorian hotel scenes on the bed and red flowers I saw just to be miscellaneous type shots as not to fit any story as such especially as the male actor was no longer present. The overall story isn't as present but more to be considered more of an interesting randomness of extravagant scenes which is a large feat to achieve with such diverse/ original imagery present in todays quirky climate.

I filmed much in 60FPS in 4K/UHD and 24FPS in Cine 4K some in 180FPS. I edited on a 5K timeline and mastered to full HD at 8BIt 4:2:0 as this was the chosen package standard for the client.

I used My 4K Pro Phantom Drone but not many shots made it into the final edit as the client noted the 'Flamingo' appearance with the pink fluffy jacket not to be favourable. However this was noted on the day of filming but the client went ahead with this look a the time and being only a day shoot didn't allow for a re-shoot. This is a slight same as there was many beautiful cinematic beach drone shots gone to waste but this is the world of editing. The client satisfaction is key regardless of apposed opinions or ignored direction/ advise on set or post in edit. Recommendations with explanations and strong communication gets the best results possible to what is welcomed by the client. This is one of the most random selection and diverse scenes in one edit I've filmed and put together to date even though filmed in the same area and on the same day which is a something to say. Different and captavating.


Another great catchy tune by Anela, Boarding Pass, check it out on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, ITunes & Apple Music.





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