IN THIS EPISODE: It's the gear prep then on the the airport to meet the crew for an early flight to set off to Alicante, Spain. We attempt to locate the first villa we will be filming and sleeping at. Our first shoot of the Music Video kicks off then on to a sunset beach dance and romantic scenes shoot.

Behind the Scenes on the New Music Video 'Circling the Sun’ in Alicante, Spain. Presented & Vlogged by Filmmaker James Martini. As Cinematographer on this shoot Cinematography Tips will be cast along the way.

On this Music Video Shoot we have Olivia the Singer, Travis the Actor/ Model, Millie the Make up Artist, James the Producer & Director, 3 Dancers & Bethany as the Flame Girl. This is a 3 part vlog as it was just over an hour combined. Yay… its like a mini series of vlogs…

We shot over 4 days, however with flight times was more like 3 with the firs shoot early evening on arrival and leaving early afternoon on the last day.

All equipment I brought from London utilising it all to have a variety of camera motion to suitable scenarios i.e. using a motorised gimbal during the beach dance routine to add a nice sense of smooth cinematic scope as the dancers stride through the sand. Some static tripod wide angels to show off the scenery i.e. at the villa number 2 situated up in the hills over looking the sea and town. Also some razor sharp Telephoto at 300mm where Olivia is out on the pier surrounded by ocean with the sun sparking refections off the water. Also utilisation of a professional 4k drone showing the beautiful location.

Check back at James Martini Films for Part 2 & 3 coming your way!!!

Insta: james_martini_films


Email: info.james.martini@gmail.com

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