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2019 was a grandeur Filmmaking packed year with many great film projects. Throughout the year I was filming and editing a New Drama Series, Season 1 is due for release early this year 2020 #LMBL.

From early January 2019 I have Filmed and Directed commercial promo videos for financial stock markets/ companies which was great and a nice change in tempo, with a classy, smouldering London vibes. Backdrops consisted of the Courthouse Hotel In Shoreditch with the Luxury Bar and restaurant with indulgent fireplace and architecture. Millennium bridge which over looks some other iconic London landmarks such as Tower Bridge, or Bank Underground Station with eerily no traffic or people, many great locations for a smart sophisticated Promo Video.

Music Videos have also made a large imprint into the work over the year taking me to various locations with various artists around the U.K and Europe. Utilisation of drone work for wondrous ariels and exciting camera movements on artists has been a compliment to some chosen projects cinematography. Although ground camera work has primarily been the chosen foundations to most of the cinematography this year. I do like to use aerial shots where I feel it aids the story and helps a viewer see a fuller picture when it is complimentary and practical thay is.

A huge variant of styles and techniques in cinematography I have brought to each Film project this year. With my dedicated filmmaking work life creating something new and unique while applying my years of my technical and creative experience is key to my success in resulting in something special for every client I work with. With this Showreel 2019 edit itself I kept things slightly simpler than my previous ones. I chose to go with no transitions or particular/ restrictive ‘beat’ cuts, just an organised layout of clips which brings something different throughout and for the takes to hold on longer averaging around 6-7 secs rather than quick cuts ranging from 1 -3 secs. As a lot of footage is film or series for cinematography purposes I have presented longer clips but not too long for a promo as many are very long takes up to a minute, which for the right project, usually Film, is something I love to incorporate if it is practical. This is something we are seeing more of in Film like ‘Birdman’ and due for release WW1 Film ‘1917’. It is not a new technique to have long takes in cinematography by any means and can be dated back to the 1920’s where editing wasn’t a simple process so was more of a practical choice. A mixture of the old and new combining long and short takes for dramatic effect is my general angle. An interesting moment to capture in a long take could be like following a character/s through busy streets or gimbal work around a conversation circle. There are other positives to a long takes such as less technical rules to this in regards to the 180 degree rule or having to match corresponding conversations with different takes for audio sync etc. Although it does introduce many other limitations and obstacles such as exposer, aperture, WB and focus Changes to name a few camera technical but also lighting and extensive need for cast choreography and clever sound production.

This year In particular I have (minus music videos which require only reference sound) exclusively only worked from the root up with sound production and post- production with foley and ambience tracks, to cinematography and direction to get the best out of everyone involved in regulated time periods, due to scheduling and budgets it was the best production choice. Key positives to this meaning in the edit I have all angles I intended to use to make the best of it which produces something that’s native to its core rather then to the fate of the old saying ’too many cooks spoil the broth'. This isn’t obviously always best or most practical for much larger commercial projects. With the advancement of technology i.e. strong motorised gimbals, pro wireless mics and cameras which are much more powerful and significantly smaller it is possible to keep the crew smaller with the same or better results than 10 years ago.

2020 will bring a website redesign for more interactive commercial use rather than portfolio based, which will allow tailoring of your own future project, selecting your own equipment and potential schedule or to simply select a package which will detail all elements under that deal as it currently offers. This year will see the completion of a personal Film project 'The Iconics’ (fingers crossed).

Also look to set James Martini Films off into the commercial streaming market with other exciting film projects. James Martini Films is the industry’s best choice for all the needed elements of any video or film production. Camera work, direction, cinematography, sound and editing ‘Filmmaking At Its Finest’.

Thanks for reading and taking an interest, I look forward to potentially working with you sometime in the future to make something amazing for the world to love.

James Martini

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