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Written, Performed, Filmed, Edited & Music By James Martini.


The Vlogging Network All filmed & Performed by one man in one room (green screen). Backgrounds are all filmed on location and/or created with multiple layers of real details to make unique locations for the story.


A fame and money motivated Local Radio DJ and Ex Tv presenter Alan, sets out to film a new documentary that is extremely unique. Ultimately with aim to sell to 'Metics' or 'Bamazoon', the leaders of Film and TV online streaming.

Alan recruits his adoring, soft and timid 'life fan' and assistant radio DJ Jason to film. Alan tells Jason to bring his brother Tom who works in film sound production, who is very much a 'speak his mind lad'. The documentary is in pursuit of James Martin who lives every day of his life as a different action movie character for his vlogging network. Completely unawares to James Martin. Seemly simple enough to gain an interview where James is filming due to geotagging at mid-night on his network before his new daily Vlogs. With a basic online search prior to the production, Jason comes across stories that were a bit more sinister than what suggests a fun, movie character, role-playing vlogger. A disappearance of a past filmmaker also trying to do a documentary on James Martin fuelled conspiracies of murder. Alan disregards Jason’s concerns as he frequently does with everything.


Does James Martin go into character so deep, to such an extreme, he would harm the documentary crew, potentially seeing them as movie character enemies?


This one off series of 6 episodes, which sets out from the local Norwich radio station. Episode 2 and 3 is the first day of the documentary which takes the crew to a forest in Essex, with James Martin in the role of Rambo. The second day geotags point to a boating public lake, where Jack Sparrow sets sail. Third day, in a busy Central London things get extra heated with Stu/ Colin Farrell in Phone Booth. The Final Episode takes the crew to a country manor with James Bond/ Sean Connery, where things take a dark turn. Dream sequences include characters such as King Leonidas (Gerald Butler in 300), Ali G (Sasha Baron Cohen), Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey), Freddie Mercury, Elvis. Jon Snow, Drogo, Daenerys (Game of thrones), along with many original characters. 


This Multi genre Series (comedy, action, adventure, fantasy, thriller) takes you on an adventure that's fun, completely unique and equally layered with depth of humour and 'edge of your seat' thrilling story.



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