Top 10 Filming Gear Entering 2019

Another year of great Filmmaking has past, creating all genres of film from Music Videos to Documentaries and Short Films.


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Making film is my life and passion, I take on all elements of filmmaking and often am booked to Direct, Film, Record Sound & Edit on a day shoot on independent productions. 

This is a huge task on any form of video but I still maintain a very pro and polished result while maintaining cinematography scope. This is achieved through many years of research into the art and science and experience in filmmaking. My equipment is also a contributor into making this a reality taking on so many roles and getting professional results. I will taking about my favourite top 10 gear to date from motorised gimbal, 360 camera & pro camera and lens.


I have an approach of if it works why change or replace it so some items I have used for a few years but most was gear I bought in 2018. The newest certainly isn't always the best. There is also many factors to consider i.e. as Im a independent filmmaker so factors such as portability & sufficient codecs are equally as important to me as Image quality...


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