*New* Lookalike Promo Video!

James Martini As Captain Jack Sparrow. ( ALL footage Filmed and Edited by James Martini)

HI Entertainers / Lookalikes / Actors,

This is a Video which was put together just in the space of 1 week including the editing. Although The Creation of the wig and full costume took some shopping finding materials and sewing over the course of 2 weeks in all honesty.

Costume making is another part of the film making process of which I enjoy to do.The reason I got in to costume making and the start of this interest was due to that when I was around 14 I had enough of shopping in shops, buying clothes which was so limited at the time as well as the awful fashion of the day. To add to this I started body building at the age of 15 and my arms grew to 17 Inches and legs 25 inches but had a waist of only 26 inches so shirts / jumpers and jeans would never fit.To fit the arms it would mean a very baggy shirt or to fit the waist would mean my arms won't fit in the sleeves.

So I bought a sewing machine with my birthday money and the rest us history. I have always thought if someone else can do it I can do it, whatever that may be. Not because of arrogance or disrespect to a craft but simply because determination, a focused mind and self belief will take you as far as you want to go.

This video I created, using mainly green screen and special effects, some I filmed in idealistic locations to match the theme.

This video is to display my work as a cinematographer as well as my impersonation of Captain Jack Sparrow.

If you are an Entertainer / Lookalike or actor lets get you booked in for your video to show you off to your potential employers out there!

Either drop me message on my website to enquire 'contact us' In the about me section or 'Book online' / 'Promotional Video' 'Lookalike / actor' and select your preferred schedule!



Jame Martini

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