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So this is my latest work Filming, Drone Piloting, Directing, Editing & visual Effects. My fantastic Client was the Story Boarder and developed this concept set on the cliffs of East Bourne - Christophe Pianos.

This was filmed on an extremely sunny day although the look Chris Wanted was to be set in a storm which would be a nightmare to actually film in and plan for with weather being as unprictable as it is not to mention dangerous too. So I worked with the colour grade and visual effects to create the storm look. Chris wanted half and half weather one sunny and one storm at a begging at an intersection, then there to be a decision from the actor as to which direction he will take. Be it the easy route towards the sun, or the rebel adventurer towards the storm. East Bourne was a busy day that day so many clips I have had to edit out cars on the road and parked and people walking in the backgrounds to give the video the isolation feel on the actor.

The music started with a soft classical tune, music choice of by Christophe Pianos (great taste very much close to mine in style and visual concepts which is cool).

Then as the choice of driving into the storm the music kicks into pop rock music which changes the feel to the video then in addition I made edits and camera movements more dynamic.

I used a motorised gimbal for the around the car shot, to boot to floor. Filmed mainly in 96FPS, some 24 fps, Unfortunately the drone I used was filming in 25FPS due to the piloting software restriction to the americanisation/ universal format of 25FPS. I prefer to work in the cinematic format of 24FPS. Anyway this has made a frame drop from 2 clips of drone footage unfortunately something I could fix post but wasn't initally noticeable enough to make this change.

The shoot was filmed in East Bourne, Sussex, England. Filmed for around 4 - 5 Hours which was pretty neat timing. The Edit & Visual effects I finished in 3 - 4 days including the slight alterations at request of the client so was a quick turn around. Im very happy with the result and so is the client/ new friend, we hope to work together again at some point possibly on a feature film which will no doubt be a very cool film to look out for in the future!

So heres the video!

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